by ErsaVice

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released January 19, 2011

All tracks except Drift Away and Solus were recorded by Matt Pignatore.



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ErsaVice Hillsborough, New Jersey

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Track Name: New Seasons
Wring out the words that come out my tongue

and put them onto paper when it's done. and its starving

Wring out the words that come out my tongue

and a silver bullet cant kill this one, still breathing.

Cause I'm starving for this appetite of conversation

And I won't sleep until the pen is wrung out dry,

for every word that slowly writes itself, she's constantly thinking of herself

For the nights we both remember are the nights we both forget,

For every stain of lipstick on his face is just another sign of something you do best
Track Name: Drift Away
Drift away the pain and tears that come with every beauty in the sun

Wash away the use of me, or really what used to be your one way home.
Track Name: Wake Up
Wake up, returning home empty handed

I'm dying just to see you, I'm trying not to see you

Wake up, if you come here I will marry you,

How could you not see this, someone who's mistaken for

I was the one you used to call when you needed help with anything at all

And I won't stay here until you decide what is best, for you.

And I can't describe anything you ever said, or did.
Track Name: Departing Letters
Would you say this is the end of what we call

A lesson learned, of lessoned words

But it's too late, she'll change her mind

It's in every moving novel that I set aside

So blindly not to see when every word is lost before me

I lose my breath

You built me something broken with a mind set cut wide open

In the water you set for me

I take back everything.

If I could fix every word.
Track Name: What's In Store, Next Door
Useless, like a crowning bird without its wings

And like a crowning bird, take away its voice so it cant sing

Weighed down by choice

Or weighed down by more i ever needed

A broadcast home, our hands meet at the station

An offset poem, our hands meet at the station

Wasted, like all the pieces you to left to borrow

Like all the people you left, you're eye...